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Richard Cousley

Richard Cousley’s specialist training, qualifications and experience enable him to treat every type of orthodontic funtional and cosmetic problem. He has specific clinical and research expertise in the fields of facial growth, adult treatment and mini-implant anchorage.

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Richard Cousley

What's our approach?

To offer you fully personalised treatment to help you achieve your ideal smile – everyone has individual needs and wishes, hence your orthodontic options will be carefully planned and optimised, just for you. Richard’s specialist expertise means that he’s able to treat every single type of orthodontic problem, rather than trying to make you fit in with limited treatment approaches. To optimise both the efficiency (speed) and effectiveness (results) of your treatment, by utilising his specialist training & experience, combined with the newest techniques available in the UK. This requires careful planning, attention to detail, optimising your treatment at every appointment, whilst minimising your number of appointments (and hence inconvenience).

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Where can I book an appointment?

Oasis Dental Care

Ryhall Road,

01780 762182

Total Dental Care

Market Chambers,
Cathedral Square,

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